I have a huge passion for all things natural which stems from my roots as a country girl. I grew up with wide open fields full of horses, sparkling streams and creeks, and acres of natural playground. Not a bad way to grow up eh? Of course, when you live on a 100-acre farm, there’s always room for family!

Thankfully, when i was little my mom was excellent at documenting all of our family get-togethers, those monumental moments and any big events. Needless to say, our photo albums are bountiful! The photos in those albums are, without a doubt, my most cherished memories. I find myself needing to look through them every once in awhile to reminisce and it always makes me feel good about where I've come from, who I have become and also loved unconditionally. The people in those photos have changed, they have aged, matured, moved away or left this life but in those moments, we will always be the same. This is how a photo should make you feel and my promise to you is that this is how your photos will make you feel down the road.

I absolutely hold my childhood responsible for my need to try and keep my photos as natural and organic as possible, with a focus on those genuine moments in life that we want to hold onto forever.

My Recent Adventures


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