Mike and Jenna were married at the Millcroft Inn & Spa on the most beautiful fall day.

Days like this are extra special when you have known the bride and groom since age 12. It’s like a fairy tale when two people you have known for so long end up together and you get to witness them pledging to spend the rest of their days together. It’s even more magical when it happens somewhere as stunning as the Millcroft Inn.

Jenna and I were very close in middle school and the start of high school. So close, in fact, I still refer to her mom as my “mum”. I was over the moon when they asked me to document their day for them. I knew it would be a crazy feeling watching these two people who I mainly remember as kids, all grown up, and taking such a huge step forward, but man oh man did it make me feel old! I’m only 30 so I know I’m not actually old but times like these are big reminders of how fast time flys and how much things change. Don’t forget to savor every moment!

Makeup: The Beauty Movement

Ceremony & Reception Venu: The Millcroft Inn & Spa