There’s not much I love more than getting to go for a walk on a beautiful fall day, camera in hand, with a super fun couple at. It’s an even bigger bonus when the light is as perfect as it was on this day, the location is my favorite spot, Snyder Flats and the couple brings along their furry family members! 

Back in October, Amy, Alex and I headed out to my favorite spot, Snyder Flats and adventured around. We started with a quick family session with the pups who were overly hyper and excited to be out at the flats. So excited that Amy ended up being hilariously taken down in the process which you will see below 😉

After we got some great shots of them all together we went and explored the rest of the area. My favorite things about the flats is how diverse the scenery is and how every time I take a couple to this location it ends up looking totally unique and different (check out my summer and winter sessions here). One minute you’re walking along a perfectly groomed, paved trail and then with a quick turn at one of the many forks, you end up in a wide open, tree lined field of long grasses. Continue a little further down a dirt path and you’re standing at the edge of the Grand River watching the sun go down. We made our way around the trail and ended the session with the sand dunes (which are more like sand hills) which make the area look like a remote desert. I walk my own dog here at least once a week and every time were there I discover a new favorite spot.