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Pheasant Run Golf Course – Laura & Bryan

Pheasant run golf course

What can I say about Laura and Bryan… what can’t I say, really?! These two are the biggest sweethearts you’ll ever meet. They are so full of positivity, kindness, love and warmth for not just for those closes to them but everyone they meet. After meeting them at their engagement session I felt like we had known each other forever. We laughed, drank wine and they told me lots of stories about their almost 10 years together.

Laura and Bryans wedding was my first time shooting Jewish ceremony and it was such a great experience! It is so exciting to me to be able to witness different cultures through the outlet of a wedding. Getting to see the sweet and intimate Badeken ceremony, the signing of the ketubah and being a part of my first hora were experiences I will never forget. The traditions at a wedding are vastly different based on the family and the culture but the commitment and love surrounding the day always translates the same. Its a great reminder that no matter how different we may seem at times, we all feel the same emotions and celebrate the same things in life.


IMG_4301IMG_4419IMG_4463IMG_4466IMG_4521IMG_4569Pheasant Run Golf CourseIMG_4655IMG_4750IMG_4844IMG_4858Pheasant Run Golf CourseIMG_5003Pheasant Run Golf CourseIMG_5169IMG_5232IMG_5417IMG_5481IMG_5496IMG_5517Pheasant Run Golf CourseIMG_5556Pheasant Run Golf CourseIMG_5613IMG_5646Pheasant Run Golf CourseIMG_5718IMG_5754IMG_5761IMG_5768IMG_5805IMG_5849IMG_6243IMG_6331IMG_6532IMG_6539IMG_6696Pheasant Run Golf Course

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