Elora Gorge Engagement

I have known Lauren and Mark for a long time now. Lauren and I became friends in our first year at Laurier through mutual environmental studies and global studies classes and shared a lot of good and hard times over the next 4 years. When Lauren and Mark met and began dating I knew they would be together forever. These two are one of the most natural, in love couples I have ever met. Wait until you see how mark adorably picks her up and lifts her into the air… totally natural and unplanned! Pure love right there. They are 100% their truest selves when they are together and trust me, the way they look at each other could melt hearts and weaken knees! Now, 8 years later, they have completed their studies, lived in France for 3 years, travelled Europe together and are getting married this Thanksgiving weekend in Windsor. I cannot wait to see what the next chapter of their adventure looks like!