Hey, remember how beautiful it was in Kitchener at the beginning of April? Well this was not one of those days… It had been soooooo warm and sunny the days leading up to our shoot and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, it was like we were back in January. I mean like a real January, not the mild one we actually had this year. My question is where was this weather at Christmas?! It literally started snowing like crazy as soon as we all arrived at the location.  I am so glad Steph & Matt decided to tough it out and go ahead with our shoot, I think it gave us a really beautiful landscape and gave them an excuse (as if they even needed one…) to get cozy. Isn’t it funny how awesome things can work out even when you’re handed the unexpected? The frostbite was totally worth every photo! Can’t wait to work with these two again at their wedding in September! 

P.S. How ADORABLE are Steph’s boots in the snow?! If you didn’t know this about me, I am obsessed with all things fringe.