Hotel Ocho Toronto

If theres any way to feel like your a part of something big, is to walk around the streets of a big city like Toronto for the day. The hustle and bustle downtown is like the heartbeat of the city and really draws you in. Sam and Kal got married at the super cool Hotel Ocho located right at Queen and Spading. Right away I knew their day was going to be very unique and a lot of fun!

The day started out with Kal getting a straight razor shave in Kensington Market at the Crows Nest Barber Shop. An awesome little shop filled with tattooed, sharp looking dudes and a whole lot of religious memorabilia. After that Sam and Kal got ready for their big day together. Yes, together. Kal actually got to be the one to zip up the back of Sams wedding dress and she got to help him with his tie. It was one of the coolest moments in my wedding history for sure! Sam went with a chic little, beaded, cream coloured party dress and Kal a classic black suit. These two made their day their own 100% and pulled it off with such style and ease. We walked around the streets of Chinatown to do their photos and really got a feel for who they are and how the city influences them as a couple.


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