This fall wedding was just absolutely adorable and super unique! 

Val is originally from Ontario but moved down to the states to work after she graduated from the school in Nova Scotia. That’s how she met Trevor. They were both working for an offshore company out of Louisiana when they met and the sparks started to fly. They were officially married in Louisiana before they came up to Ontario for their wedding reception in Val’s hometown of Simcoe. Trevor’s family came up as well and it was awesome getting to document these two families coming together. What made this day in October so unique was the fact that Trevor’s family, being from Louisiana, got to experience a real Canadian snowfall! That’s right, it snowed in October!  My favorite part of it all was getting to watch Trevor’s daughter marvel in the snowfall. It was so eye opening to see someone who doesn’t live in Canada and doesn’t have to deal with the winters that most of us dread, think that snow is such a cool and magical phenomenon. It therefor made me realize it just may be something I take for granted. Since then I have personally tried to welcome winter with a more positive attitude. 

Although it may have been cold and snowy on this October day but it was also so warm and filled with an abundance of love and family. Music played a big part in the day as Val’s step dad is an amazing musician and not only took the time to teach Trevor’s daughter how to play the harmonica (which was unreal adorable), he also played a song at the reception. He wasn’t the only one to take to the stage as Val’s best friend, sister and step brother also played and sang songs during the evening. Nothing says wedding like family coming together to celebrate the couple in the most personal ways. Weddings like this are my favorite!