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Badlands Engagement Session – Erin & Mike

Erin started out as my boss about 3.5 years ago when I began working for a great company called North by Northwest ( Eventually I was given my own store and managed the location at Fairview Park Mall in Kitchener for about a year. In that time Erin taught me a lot about being successful and was always there to answer any question I might have. She was an awesome boss, a great teacher and now a friend 🙂 I am so excited about this new chapter of our professional relationship! Badlands Engagement Session

Now, Im also a geography major don’t forget so I have to tell you a little bit about this incredible location known as the Badlands…

This area was created decades ago by an old river system that flowed through this section of what is now the Bruce Trail. The hills that cover the Badlands are the bed of the river and were caused by the force of moving water. The colour is due to iron oxide, a natural mineral found in the earths ground water, but mostly the land is made up of siltstone, limestone and sandstone. The part that I find the most interesting is that this area was only uncovered due to environmentally degrading farming practises that took place in the early 1900’s. If it wasn’t for that, we may have never even known it was there!

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