I had the absolute best time helping the wonderful Mr. Taylor Jackson capture this couples big day. This was one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to. Friends and family helped make this day super special for the couple and you could just feel the warmth and love all day. I love love love the classic, romantic feel of this wedding. I mean just look at her dress! 

Enjoy!1507373_577266412362274_516920206_o 1078808_577266499028932_1342502144_o 1518848_577266649028917_237078563_o 1556428_577266579028924_1347976052_o 1559407_577266452362270_1449530185_o 1077575_577266805695568_1686889996_o 1496434_577266822362233_1220132742_o 1519267_577266965695552_603064296_o 1506117_577266862362229_2020056545_o 1025283_577266375695611_1154253553_o 1512161_577267055695543_1051343169_o 1540388_577267102362205_578440955_o 1496241_577267019028880_1483179696_o